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MusicLand Fawkner Music Complex

Venue Capacity...

A Total Capacity of 300 which includes seating areas of Lounges, Tables and Chairs for about 60 persons, and standing capacity of up to 240 people.

What Time to Arrive/Access Hours
You will need to arrive at least an hour before your show starts or 30 minutes before the doors open (or as agreed with venue management) this will give you a chance to Unload, Chill Out, and do your sound check.
Loading and Unloading of Gear.

MUSICLAND has an undercover loading and unloading Bay, with easy access into the
Venue. Once Unloaded, vehicles need to be quickly moved, to allow other bands access.
Storage of your Gear.

MUSICLAND has a designated Equipment Storage Room available for all your gear.
Although we take every precaution to keep it safe, we do not accept any responsibility for
lost or damaged equipment.





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1359A Sydney Rd
Fawkner  Vic 3060