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MusicLand Fawkner Music Complex

Rehearsal Rooms

Looking for a music rehearsal studio that offers professional service? MusicLand's new six spacious rehearsal studios offer excellent service, equipment, and a relaxed environment so you only need to focus on rehearsing for your upcoming live show, writing or reheasing your music.

Our spacious well-equipped rehearsal rooms cater for beginners to professional musicians. Our clientele ranges from local to high profile musicians. The philosophy at Musicland Fawkner Music Complex is, "Mediocrity is an insult to the client."

Our rental spaces feature:

  • State of the Art' individual air conditioners
  • No ventilation noise-bleed



Are now officially Ready......
Opening Specials Include
Studio Room 7 Large Room $80.00
Studio Rooms 3 to 6 Medium Size $70.00
Studio Rooms 1 & 2 Day Rates $60.00

Musicland's staff are happy to provide a tour of the six rooms and music facility. All inquiries can be made
Ring Michael 0412 353 353 for Bookings

Check us out, we've got what you want in a rehearsal studio and practice space.  We have more spaces to jam and more places to practice.

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1359A Sydney Rd
Fawkner  Vic 3060